Planar meshes intersection

How do I properely union planar(or almost planar) meshes?

What’s the purpose of doing this?

Are you looking for a quad mesh that continues over multpiple more or less quadratic, joined surfaces?

I have multiple meshes that I want to join into one. In order to get smooth flat mesh in one piece

I think this could be done by projecting everything to a plane, create a region union, remesh and then project back to your ‘landscape’.

Oh, I see. I thought there was a way to do this only with meshes, and I just do not have the knowledge. The problem is - my pathways have multiple levels, and they intersect with each other from the top view. Some are connected, some just go above and below. So I can not use one landscape surface. Right now I am using 3 lists of curves and 3 landscape surfaces that represent each level. In the end i get 3 trimmed surfaces, representing my pathways, and I want to connect them somehow. I know that is a huge crutch, but I do not know other way to make it in grasshopper.

I think my approach in the reply in your other topic could be used to do this:

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