Piping Issue


I’m trying to pipe the triangulated curves I have however since the curves are all separate they do not pipe together. Is there a way of merging all the separate curves into one curve so that it can be piped?

Omarpiping issue.gh (12.6 KB)

You could Explode the triangles and remove duplicate line segments before Pipe with rounded ends but SUnion fails, unfortunately.

piping issue_2020Apr16a.gh (15.5 KB)


piping issue_1.gh (33.8 KB)

was this is solved ?

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@Joseph_Oster i missed the duplicate and union very nice thanks !!

yes this is what I was looking for. Thank you again :slight_smile:

This takes ~three minutes to complete an Anemone loop and results in a single “Closed Brep” (solid) that, in theory, could be 3D printed. It uses Dispatch to separate the de-dupped line segments into horizontal vs. diagonal, then scales the diagonals by a factor of 0.98 (slightly shorter) before piping them, and then loops through the piped diagonals one at a time to SUnion them with the horizontal segments. A bit ridiculous but sometimes that’s what it takes.

piping issue_2020Apr16b.gh (28.8 KB)


Thank you @Joseph_Oster its amazing !! completely out of box thinking ! thanks for sharing the script and ideas …