Pick with a slider, then disconnect slider and input integer?

Basic question:
When I use list item to choose the item I want, Is there a way to directly Set Integer, and disconnect the slider?

Or even better? arrows to choose an integer for the list item?

You can create a Value List and set it to Cycle or Sequence

Human Plugin has a dynamic Item Selector component that is pretty handy.


Yes there is… Right click the “i” input on the left edge of the component, that will invoke a fly out menu, on that menu is a place to input your integer.


One other way to skin this cat… Scroll in on the component, at some point a small + sign will appear at the top and bottom of that component, click on one of those plus signs and you will get another out put handle. Do that a few times and you will see that the new out put handles are numbered. Connect to one of those and you have connected to the item with that index. This method works ok for smaller lists.


Right Click
Find Set Integer
Type Number
Delete, slider.

Over and over and over.

Try this addon , you can set the item index directly


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Great step forward.