PetersTools updated

I’ve updated my cleverly-named Peter’s Tools plugin. You can get the new version here.

Changed tools:

TimerTools - The project timer has changed ‘under the hood.’ Instead of saving information about start/stop times to a text file, the tool keeps it with each project as a bit of ‘document data.’ This simplifies how the tool works.

New tools:

BatchNameModifier - Lets you add text to a batch of object names at once, either at the front or end of the name, separated by an underscore.

Archive - This group of tools manages an archive of bits of geometry you might need later. It does this simply by creating a layer called Archive that stays turned off, and it manages adding or retrieving items from that layer. I created this because I use Hide just to hide things for a few moments, and I needed something else for longer-term holding of things that I wanted to keep around just in case they are needed later.

I’ve also changed the toolbar a bit with some new icons and better organization.

There are no changes to BOM tools, unfortunately. That’s mostly because I rarely need them and they are a pain to update and they should be rewritten in Python (and, Rhino should really have something built in to assign specific gravity or density to objects, and a built-in BOM that’s more complete than what I can create.)

Unfortunately, this is still windows-only because I wrote it all in Rhinoscript and I’m not up to translating it to Python. If anyone wants to take any of these & turn them into Python scripts, feel free. I’d be happy to send my original scripts to you.

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Hi @phcreates,

More users would find your tools if you pushed them up to Food4Rhino.

– Dale

Thanks - I was thinking of doing that.

I just want to say Thank You…


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It’s now also available at

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