PetersTools updated

I’ve updated my cleverly-named Peter’s Tools plugin. You can get the new version here.

Changed tools:

TimerTools - The project timer has changed ‘under the hood.’ Instead of saving information about start/stop times to a text file, the tool keeps it with each project as a bit of ‘document data.’ This simplifies how the tool works.

New tools:

BatchNameModifier - Lets you add text to a batch of object names at once, either at the front or end of the name, separated by an underscore.

Archive - This group of tools manages an archive of bits of geometry you might need later. It does this simply by creating a layer called Archive that stays turned off, and it manages adding or retrieving items from that layer. I created this because I use Hide just to hide things for a few moments, and I needed something else for longer-term holding of things that I wanted to keep around just in case they are needed later.

I’ve also changed the toolbar a bit with some new icons and better organization.

There are no changes to BOM tools, unfortunately. That’s mostly because I rarely need them and they are a pain to update and they should be rewritten in Python (and, Rhino should really have something built in to assign specific gravity or density to objects, and a built-in BOM that’s more complete than what I can create.)

Unfortunately, this is still windows-only because I wrote it all in Rhinoscript and I’m not up to translating it to Python. If anyone wants to take any of these & turn them into Python scripts, feel free. I’d be happy to send my original scripts to you.

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Hi @phcreates,

More users would find your tools if you pushed them up to Food4Rhino.

– Dale

Thanks - I was thinking of doing that.

I just want to say Thank You…


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It’s now also available at Peter's Tools | Food4Rhino

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For some reason, I’ve found myself making some updates to PetersTools, so there is a new version available (2.1.0) at

New features:
-DotWithData: Added CumulativeCenterOfGravity. This result takes the density of the materials into account. Only works on closed objects that have a RealMaterial applied. So, if you have 10 objects that are different densities and volumes, this will create a center of gravity for the group.
-DotWithData: Added ability to choose the rounding factor.
-Data from non-solids was reporting volume information, creating bad data output.
-Meshes weren’t reporting data in many cases where it should have.
Data shift: Material names that were previously stored in ObjectData (which is outdated) are now stored in UserText fields, making it accessible in the Attribute User Text dialog box.


Excellent! Thanks Peter.

V2.18 is available. New since 2.10:

-Added command ScaleObjectToSpecificMass
-Made BOM options accessible to macros (all options are on command line)
-Added SelectObjectsByRealMaterialName option to RealMaterialTools
-Added pennyweights
-Added Mass command
-Fixed a language-related bug and other bugs


New version of PetersTools (3.12) is up at Food4Rhino or via the package manager. It is rewritten in python so that it works on macs (well, no toolbar though) and various tools updated.


Thanks Peter, You da Man!