Hello together,

maybe u can help me with a “simple” Problem. I need to create a perspective of a dome. It should look like this. I don’t know how to create such a perspective with a simple sphere. I hope u can help me out.


As best as I can tell, that’s not possible.
That artistic image seems to have different locations for the viewer’s eye.
The upper portion if the image showing the exterior of the dome and building in the distance is from above the dome and looking down.

The cut-away is from below and looking up.
It will not be possible to make that effect in Rhino in a single image.
You’ll need to make two images, and cut/splice them together in some other image editing application to get that composite look.


I didn’t look at the image. Maybe compost is what you meant.

Compost: a pile of …
Composite: a combination of two or more things.



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