Pendulum in Kangaroo

Is it possible to do a pendulum analysis in Kangaroo with various weights, lengths and initial deflections?

No one?


Where’s the problem? (15.6 KB)

Like this: (15.1 KB)

For most applications you won’t need to set the ‘plane’ input of the rigid body component - by default it uses an XY aligned plane with its origin at the object centroid.
The component also outputs this plane from its ‘P’ output, so if you want to apply forces directly to the body you can apply them to its origin point.

Why is the oscillation damped? (33.4 KB)

Now… more difficult:

You can set the damping input on the Kangaroo solver to 1.0

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See my reply here:

thanks for the information on damping.


how to make a double pendulum? (35.9 KB)

You can use pendulum equation and timer (12.3 KB)

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If you want a double pendulum, you need to include the end point of the top segment in the ‘Points’ input of that rigid body. (28.4 KB)

This can also be done much more simply using length constraints: (11.2 KB)

this is exacly what I want.
And can I apply a rigid body to segments? (51.3 KB)


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Thanks for sharing. as a pure beginner kangaroo, I have to do some topologic optimisation on a double pendulum and it help me much. However I guess how to remove the cross I get when I create a new data recorder. When I just copy/paste the one you share it don’t do that.

Sorry if it’s a stupid question but it seem data recorder is not yet in the online documentation.