PedSimulator plug in

can anyone help me with this problem
i got the paid plug in and it doesnt let me to open the old files with the trial plug in its saying he need to download packages and wont let me download them

Hi Eduard -

First some background: What’s happening here is that Grasshopper tries to open a file and notices a missing plug-in. In the Unrecognized Objects dialog, it offers to go look for the plug-in by means of the Package Manager. The Package Manager then looked for it but couldn’t find anything.
The reason for this is that the author of the plug-in doesn’t offer that plug-in to the Package Manager. That’s the choice of each individual author.

I don’t know the PedSimulation plug-in but it sounds like you need to install the older version to be able to open those older files. On the Food4Rhino site, there are two different versions and it is possible that you need the V0.07 version:

If that doesn’t help, you will have to contact the author of that plug-in for further assistance. There are eMail address on the Food4Rhino page and the website.

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ok but when i install both of them they collide and wont let to open both of them

Hi -

There’s a “FILE UPGRADE GUIDE” on their page ( but I don’t really see how that’s done when you can’t have 2 versions installed. You really need to contact them about this.

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows why PedSim pro is now unavailable?

I was using it a while back on a project, and now need to reinstall so I can start the work up again. Not sure why it would suddenly be taken offline…

Any info or if anyone still has a copy, it would be appreciated!



Hey there!
Somebody has still a copy of pedsim? As the server/plugin is offline I would really appreciate to get a copy for a student project.

I also wondered why it was taken down. Here is a link where you still can download it (basic version, not Pro)

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