Path Mapper Help

I’ve yet to wrap my head around ways to use the path mapper, and I’m hoping this example might help me. Can anyone show me how they might recreate the solution in the image below, but using the path mapper instead? Thanks in advance!

Like this? (5.2 KB)

Exactly, thanks so much @HS_Kim!

While we’re on the subject, here’s another example, slightly different. How could this be accomplished with the Path Mapper?

Why do you insist on continuing to use Path Mapper? Ofcourse Path Mapper is a powerful tool but it has some limitations of it’s use, for example, it has no variable input parameters.
You have to input some values manually. Why not use Partition List instead?


Thanks again @HS_Kim.

Posting these examples were an effort to understand more about how to use the Path Mapper and what it’s capabilities are. I’ve seen a few examples, but haven’t yet found one that really showcases its best-suited use cases. If anyone knows of any other examples posted somewhere that show the Path Mapper doing some heavy lifting, please post a link!