Pascal- man down!

(Kyle Houchens) #1

@pascal was involved in a bicycle accident recently and got pretty busted up. It appears he is going to recover fully, but will be laid up for a bit…

As he has helped me and countless others beyond comprehension, I wanted to give everyone a spot to show our digital brother some love and wishes for speedy recovery-


Get well sooner!



 You must be right up there with Bono and John Kerry! Hope you are back on a roll soon, we need you. Best wishes.

Maybe Jimmy Fallon will have you on his show after your rebound.


Hope you feel better soon. We’ll try and behave in your absence :kissing_heart:


Oh no… I really hope for a speedy recovery! Best wishes Pascal!



@pascal, we are wishing you well with your recovery! Hope to see you on your feet (at the keyboard) soon.
RMA: We need PascalAutoSave and Pascal.3dmbak implemented ASAP…


Ah Jeeze - I hope the injuries aren’t too painful/lasting.
And of course I hope your bike is OK!
Sending you super healing vibes ~~~~


Oh, merde !!! Geez, that’s really bad news! @Pascal, if you’re reading this (that’s already a good sign) hang in there and get better soon! --Mitch

(Pascal Golay) #9

Hey, Kyle, everyone - thanks millions for all the good vibes, it helps a lot! I won’t say that opiates are not also pretty good right now…This may be just an elaborate controlled experiment to show that my typing left handed is really not a lot worse than my regular typing. . I shall be back in the saddle as soon as possible - carry on!



We shall! There’s no replacement for you, but we all will try to fill the huge gap as best we can!


Ok, that’s great! But for now take it easy with selecting sub-objects within groups ; )


That’s what the nose is for…

(Willem Derks) #13

Hey Pascal,

Glad to see you replying. All the way from the Netherlands I wish you a good recovery, both physical and mental. take your time, try not to hurry things, give your body time to heal and recover. Remember you only have one vessel in this life, listen to it as best as you can and let your mind not rush it.

All the best!


please get well soon


I wish you all the best!
Do some good sleep and come back good as new!


Heal up Pascal!!!

(Wim Dekeyser) #17

Of course, now that we see that you have a speedy recovery we’ll want to hear all the details. I suppose you didn’t check the surface continuity? When did you run a CheckBadObjects on that bike of yours? I hope you didn’t attempt a boolean union with a moving vehicle!

(Marc Gibeault) #18

Best wishes Pascal

(Kyle Houchens) #19

we definitely need a “restore pascal from backup” feature…

(Brian James) #20

Agreed, or a RescuePascal command that recovers as much Pascal as possible…