Parametric truss optimization


We are a group of students writing our bachelor thesis about parametric design. We have constructed a truss and want to optimize the placing of the diagonals for minimum mass. The problem is that we cannot find a way to limit Galapagos so that we don’t get too high deformations. Is there any way to place a boolean toggle (or something else) for true and false deformations, so that Galapagos includes it in the calculation?

We would really appreciate it if you have a suggestion!

This would be a simple way of doing it if minimizing :

This would make all of the too high deformations to have insanely high fitness values

Thank you for your reply. Do you have an idea of how to connect Galapagos to this? I want the smallest mass possible but also deformations below 48mm.


Sure, just add mass into the expression and make that the result.

Thank you so much, this was really helpful!

Maybe also look at Octopus.

It provides multiple fitness objectives.
You can plot results where on one axis you have mass, on the other axis deflection.
If you have learnt how to use galapagos, using octopus shouldn’t be much harder.

(Though I have to admit, galapagos is much more stable)

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I’m a student of arquitecture and I’m trying to optimise a beam with pointloads to get the minimum mass but I’m kind of stock here, could u give me a hand.
This is an old definition but it is just to let u know.

Hi, to use the cross section optimisation tool, you need to input a list of cross sections for it to optimise. Please refer to on how to use this.

Hi Hedda!
I have a very similar task/problem for my uni project. How did you manage the optimization of the diagonals? Would you share a screenshot of your Grasshopper (or the file) to help me out?
Thanks in advance!