Parametric pattern series

hi. how do i assign attractor or graph map to my script to get parametric pattern or get different sine graph pattern in this series? can someone help me with this?

sine (19.8 KB)

Looks like you’ve already installed 4d-noise plugin.

sine (15.2 KB)

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thank you for the fast reply Kim. I actually want a simple wavy pattern as i scripted yet can adjust their sizes and position parameter. or in a way how to simplified my script. i try to modify your script but im a bit lost. i attached another example for your reference.

sine graph (44.0 KB)

If you can set your code with data tree manner, then you don’t have to copy and paste your code multiple times.

sine graph (13.7 KB)

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i tweak a bit your script and find a pattern that i really like. but its not 100% that i wanted. can u help me if it can be scripted as i drawn as attached. sorry if im being troublesome. im still learning to use GH.

sine graph (13.7 KB)

In most cases, it’s a good idea to change a lot of your code or start over again if your conditions change…

sine graph (17.7 KB)


Thanks Kim. exactly what i want

Hi Kim. im stuck to achieve my desire pattern. and also the definition suddenly feel heavy. can u help me with this?

sine graph 2_reV2_wani 2_inverted_18.07.23 R2 (32.5 KB)

i did a script to achieve the pattern i want but its just a repetition of same there any way u can simplify it?

sine graph 2_reV2_wani 2_inverted_18.07.24 (59.3 KB)

You need to understand the details of this definition.
If not, you,ll have to repeat unnecessary copying and pasting.
Here we have another example for you. You just need to prepare ingreasing or decreasing amount of 0 and 1 numbers and merge+mirror them to provide to Interpolate data.
Here I’ve used pufferfish plugin’s Mirror Combine Numbers for fun.

sine graph (16.4 KB)


thank you for the help Kim. yup, im still learning and improving my understanding on GH.