Parametric Design in Architecture Master by BarcelonaTech UPC School

After 4 years of experimenting with contents and pedagogic formats at the successful Parametric Architecture intensive course held at ETSAV, Ramon Sastre leading CODA and The Metropolitan School of Architecture direction have decided to take a step forward in the education of future professionals. Today we are presenting the new master degree Parametric Design in Architecture featured by

The Master Parametric Design in Architecture (byBarcelonaTechUPCSchool) is a unique opportunity to critically review computational design towards a more challenging and self-demanding commitment to environmental constraints.

The architectural project is a complex process that should allow linking knowledge management with design in an operative way. We call parameters to all categories of information that affect decision-making in the development of a project. This is the goal of parametric architecture: go beyond geometry and form to design a system with all variables / categories involved in the process.

This is the potential of current software tools: Rhinoceros Grasshopper, Dynamo, etc; which allow to change the design process, transforming architects from builders of models to builders of systems.

Our aim is to design and discover novel form-finding strategies through the methodological integration of forces, matter and processes.

The Master degree is taught in the Metropolitan School of Architecture offering a residence of international students as well as equipment and facilities of the latest technology necessary for this training. Its model workshop, digital laboratories and technology centre CRITT, in addition to collaboration with the Barcelona Fab Ateneus Network, ​​allow students to explore all possibilities in parametric design techniques.

Visit UPC School for enrollment info and further details.

Posted Jul 27, 2015 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.