Parametric building volumes and number of apartments

I was wondering if someone could help me write a simple script where a building is parametric in its form (circle, rectangle, square, any shape), where the dimensions of the form can be adjusted. Where the height of the building (number of floor levels) can be adjusted and where the floorplan can be divided into sized (3 options or so) apartments, so that the total number of possible apartments can be calculated. Thank you already!

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What does this function exactly do?

Your irony is funny

Hi L.E.M.Maccreanor,
What Ftzuk probably means is that your question and desire is too overdemanding for us right now.
When you want support from the people over here, you really have to start yourself with scripting a start of your project and share that intermediate result with some explicit questions on how to continue or solve a problem. Only then people might feel motivated to support you as they see that you invest yourself a lot of time to get to that point with your own ‘work in progress’ result.