Parallel snap not working?

This is supposed to be basic, but I can’t seem to use parallel snap. Am I doing something wrong?

Can you please provide an example so we can see what you’re doing?

Thanks for the lightning fast answer! I was just shooting a video:

EDIT: using latest version 5.5.5 on latest macOS Catalina. I also use Rhino 6 for Windows and (not sure but) I think it’s ok there.

Hi - this seems to work fine on 5.5.5. Two things:

  • Settings: Make sure that the Parallels option is turned on in the Preferences
  • Workflow:
    • Start the Line command
    • Place the start point of the line
    • Create a SmartTrack point on the corner of the rectangle like you did in the video
    • The next SmartTrack point needs to be on the start point of your line - not on the other corner of the rectangle


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Thank you. Turns out I hadn’t turned parallels on in the preferences.