Parallel Analyses Honeybey and Wallacei


Currently I am doing my post grad and one of the issues I have to tackle is getting the environmental analysis and other factors for optimization.

I have a strong GPU and decent enough 12th gen Intel processor with 64gb of Ram. i REALLY DO NOT KNOW MUCH EXCEPT VERY BASIC THINGS in python and some advanced things insied grasshopper. Is there a manner to create parallel running of simulations in order tso that each iteration about 6 or 7 simulations run?? simultaneously or in batch… I have no preference just being able to automate the entire process and then gather all of the data using Data recorders or Wallacei.

If anyone has experience in this field I would love to discuss this further.
Thank you.

Hi -

You’re probably better off asking your question on the Ladybug Tools forum:

Thank you Wim