Overriding Rhino.Display.DisplayConduit in C#


We are trying to take advantage of the Rhino Display Conduit to draw / project the objects (in the Rhino document / scene) onto a ModelessCSform panel. We are unclear about how to find what methods to override or how to go about doing this in general. Any help / guidance would be super helpful and appreciated.

The goal is to create a type of viewport within this modeless cs form panel. We are hesitant to use a Rhino viewport as the object. We would rather create our own viewport in order to customize as much of the viewport as possible. Is there a way to just pass the pixel information to the panel?

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As far as I know, this is not possible. The pixel information is not accessible from the DisplayConduit. Why are you hesitant to use the Rhino viewport? What do you want to customise that you can’t achieve with the Rhino viewport?

If you want to customise the viewport, it is also possible to create a custom viewport (although you may need to use C++ for that). You still won’t be able to use it in a panel or form.

Thank you for your help and quick response. :slightly_smiling:
We are trying to create a translucent viewport and one that has more than one display mode used simultaneously in different parts of the viewport.

We have a work around in which we are using the bitmap of the viewport and putting into the modeless cs form, though this is not a long term solution.

Do you know if it is possible to embed a viewport within a modeless cs form?
Finally, if we can embed the viewport, could it be masked by some other shape? or could the display modes be masked so that you have two different display modes within one viewport?

This is not currently possible in V5. We have a somewhat working prototype for this functionality in our V6 code stream.

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