Output a GH Python variable as 'Empty Generic Data Parameter'

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I have a very small, and hopefully simple, question: How can I export a variable from a GH python component as an ‘Empty Generic Data Parameter’?

Why would I want to do this? I have several different scenarios in my GH template and in one case I would like it to be ‘empty’, because otherwise components that are further down the pipeline do not what I want them to do.

Assigning a non-existing variable to the output variable does the trick, but the component becomes red and is not very nice.

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Couldn’t you just make the output in question conditional? If this or that happens, declare the output, otherwise don’t declare it.

I usually output an empty list or None, which will both output as an empty orange wire:

Edit: For context, I’ve developed this practice over the years for structuring GHPython code. Where steps 5 and 6 are the relevant ones here (i.e. empty outputs and check inputs before running any code):

211102_GH103_GHPython_BestPractice_Deleuran.pdf (174.9 KB)


Props, for the nice graphical breakdown! :+1:

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