Outline generation/Region union of coplanar lattice surfaces

Hi! I have made three overlapping polysurfaces from voronoi diagram. Trying to create outlines of three surfaces. Region union seems to ignore blank spaces in these lattice surfaces.
saju-UPtoForum.gh (28.6 KB)


How about Graft and Entwine?

saju-UPtoForum_Re.gh (38.0 KB)

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Hi! Thank you for your time, I am looking for a way to create a single polysurface/mesh from these three coplaner polysurfaces.


I got your expected result using a Solid Union, the downpoint is that is takes nearly 30 seconds to compute.

saju-UPtoForum.gh (29.9 KB)

Get a typical - real-time- solution for the 2 Brep Trees (I could add the 3rd - or any others - obviously).

Brep_OutLoops_Union_EntryLevel_V1.gh (645.3 KB)