OSC Reciever not getting data from MAXMSP

Hello - I am trying to receive a list of values through OSC from MAXMSP on Windows 10.

I have tested everything in MAXMSP and it is working fine but just not getting the data through to GRASSHOPPER.

Could it be a firewall thing? or a speed of input?

Any advice?

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Hi! Trying to connect Max Msp with Grasshopper, i’m very interested with your post! And i’m looking for the answer too!

Also looking for a solution to this problem! I get exactly the same as is shown in your screenshots when I use Ghowl… I’ve got the “OSC listener” from Firefly receiving floats from Max, but the list is limited to 4 numbers, despite requesting larger packet sizes to be sent from Max - I’ve also got a standalone Python module receiving the full list, but it’s limited in Grasshopper. Python for Grasshopper doesn’t support the libraries needed to build the standalone in Grasshopper directly… Frustration station!!! anyone with advice, please post!