Origami - Can I do this in Grasshopper?

OK, this is a guy from Finland who took the origami thing to the next level. Can something similar to this be done using Grasshopper?

(Asking for a friend)

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// Rolf

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Define “done using grasshopper”.

Should the shape really be that “single sheet of paper folded many times”?
Or just a model that seems an origami but is not?

You can’t really design on grasshopper. (remember that GH is a programming language)
On GH you can automatize patterns/textures/methods. Or paramatrize a design after you managed to define all its builders/steps.

Those models alone are very very complex. Even “just” designing them on rhino (or other software) would be hard and require a high level skill… and good taste/experience.

Then, with the model, what you want to do on grasshopper?
Folding back to flat paper or folding from flat paper to origami would need knowing the exact fold-lines.
But even then, you can’t correctly simulate the thickness of the paper, the elasticity, the plasticity… which is highly used and exploited in such origami.

imo, this level of origami is achievable only by manual mesh sculpting. After big efforts.

Perhaps I should have added a smiley to the post. It was meant as a silly joke. My bad.

// Rolf

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oh lol… i’ve totally missed the joke/sarcasm :rofl:

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