Organized points from different branches to polyline them

Hello Everyone there,
In this .gh are only internalise points from 3 trees with 12 branches.
the initial shape was a dodecaedron. I reorganize all the points order and my final goal is to connect the point so it can be like this closed polyline(manual made in Rhino):

my idea to organized the points was to make this happen (didn’t succeed):
tree1 {?}[a, b, c]
tree2 {?}[d, e, f] > newtree {?}[a, d, g, b, e, h, c, f, i]
tree3 {?}[g. h, i]

cause i thought that after that the 12 polylines will succeed, cause the point order.
but all solutions are welcome :smiley:

points to (2.7 KB)

each Point parameter in the attached file holds a data tree of 12 branches, where each branch has 5 points, not 3

so you have:

tree1 : branches : a, b, c, d, e
tree2 : branches : f, g, h, i, j
tree3 : branches : k, l, m, n, o,

knowing this, how do you want to organize them? :slight_smile:

[edit] maybe something like this?

points to (7.7 KB)


You are correct, i wanted to make a example, my mistake.

and yes!!!

I didnt know that if you Graft again then Merge and after Trim
you can produce such a result, thank you very much, i will try understand more this process. Thank you.

your explanation was actually fine :+1: it took a while to me to understand what you meant because initially I thought we could somehow just Flip Matrix that, because of this pattern:


but data is branched, so Flip Matrix won’t -of course- work…

when you GraftMerge things together you get something like this, which is the intermediate step:


and the Trim Tree trims the outmost tree branching in such a way all the {0;something} just get merged together into {0}, something like
{0} a, f, k, b, g, l, c, h, m, ...
like flattening the tree but just one branch-level at a time

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I study these days (before post) Trim Tree and Shift Path work exactly the same, with the difference between them be (- or +).
Yeah Flip Matrix didn’t work :\ for me either.
Realy thankfull for the knowledge, it was a missing info

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