Organic cell pattern


I want to create a pattern like this [J. Paul Fennell Woodturning Art. Transitions Carob... -]
on a mesh and then create an extrusion out of it. Can anyone help me out with an idea or references of how to create such organic curves on a given shape? I thought about the shortest path but couldn’t find a way to define many starting paths, beside that I guess there is no way to create just closed cells with the shortest path…
I have attached my definition of the Breps which I want to use.

Thanks in advance for every answer.

Pods for (24.6 KB)

Not perfectly sure bur reaction diffusion could be near what you want

Thanks for your reply!
Is there a possibility to create an open structure like in the photo I’ve attached with this method? For me, this looks like an infinite curve pattern which is not what I’m trying to achieve. I really just need curves for extrusion, not a closed mesh.
But the pattern itself is definitely what I want.

Thank you!

Yes just use mesh Iso splitting

Thanks a lot, I will try!