Ordinate dimensions / text field coordinates

Hello guys,
just a small wish here for ordinate dim and text fields. Would be nice to control the appearance of the ordinate dimension the similar way as the leader dim. Sometimes is usefull to have an arrow or user block at the end. Especially in architectural elev. drawings. Or add an option to text fields -> taking coordinates from base point - which could be used in leader dimension. How does it sound? Is it feasible? :slight_smile:

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@mary - can you comment on this when you get a chance? I’m not up enough on the fine points of dimensioning to make a proper YT item.


Hi Petumatr,
Thanks for letting us know.

I will log two feature requests.

  1. arrow on ordinate dimensions
  2. test fields for point x,y,z coordinates, possibly wired to work with the leader object.

I will post tracking numbers as soon as I have them officially in the system.
Once the developer has reviewed it, it should be available for view.

Mary Ann Fugier

Hello mary,
thank you for your reply. It sounds good, just a small note on taking coordinates. I am not sure how this item should exactly work, but i guess it will take the coordinates of World Cplane. Is there any chance to have 2 options? 1. for World Cplane and 2. for current user Cplane. It would be handy to deal somehow with this. Thank you a lot!


Yes, Petr.

I would like to see options similar to the SetPT command:
I think the point to be be display is where the leader tip is located.
What do you think? Does that cover it?


Thanks for your input.
Mary Fugier

Hi Petr,
Your two tracking items are:
New Field for Leader Point RH-41001
Arrow on ordinate dimensions RH-41002

The developer may contact you with any questions.
We will let you know here when the items have been implemented and are ready for testing.

Thanks again.
Mary Fugier

Here are the links. When the developer opens them up for viewing, you will be able to follow the item though the process.
Right now they are private.

Mary Fugier

Yes! Very nice idea. I think this should completely cover this issue.

Thank you

Best regards

Can you make sure it works on detailing viewports as well as model.

anything about this in v7? how can one do architectural dimensioning in elevations without this feature? i am trying to figure out hope ordinate dimensions would have more options in 7

Yeah, agree on that. I think it might be scriptable though. But that’s a bit out of my league right now :slight_smile:

to upgrade ordinate dim functionality there would be need to be not only reference point to count from but it would need to be a reference plane. this way dimension would know which is positive or negative direction and with couple of options you could get anything out of it, few options for visuals (different symbols), few options for the value (of show absolute values or recognize signs. etc… but this is job for me :slight_smile:

Hi Ivan,
Thank you for your request.

I have logged RH-61688 Associate Ordinate Dimensions with Construction Plane.

If you register on McNeel Jetbrains site, you can assist the developer with additional information and watch the progress of this request.

Kind regards,
Mary Ann Fugier

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Hi Ivan,
We are trying to better understand this feature. The developer has requested additional input.

Is there any software you use that has this type of ordinate dimensioning?
Can you send us an example of an ordinate dimension that is incorrect, or not in the style you here expecting?

There has been an effort to keep ordinate dimensioning simple and our users are comfortable. The text is the distance along the x or y axis from the origin is absolute value. Ordinate dimensions are measured on the axis you select.

Thanks for your help.
Mary Ann Fugier

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Hi @mary,
I am also adding my request here. It would be nice to have more options to customize the appearance of the ordinate dimension. As fe. arrows, marks, custom made blocks etc. Something similar to what is possible to do with leaders.

download images unnamed

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I am on it :slight_smile: I am having conversation about this. But having a custom block to act as geometry of ordinate dimension is very good idea. I suggested few basic default types instead but this is even more flexible but brings some problems as well (when you open a file and the block is misssing in someones library).

Hi Ivan and Petumatr.
Thank you for all of this! Great ideas. I am understanding much better now.

Let me get going on writing spec for the feature.
I will let you know when I have re-submitted it to the developer.

Mary Ann Fugier

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