Orca3D - Remove/Clear Design Condition

Does anyone know how to remove multiple design conditions? I’ve wound up with multiple wrong design conditions and need to clear them so I can create the correct design condition.

Resolved with assistance from Larry Leibman of Orca3D.

To change the “default” design condition in Orca3D:

Define the new design condition using Define Design Conditon

Run a hydrostatics analysis without computing righting arms (no heeling). This step is necessary.

Thanks for updating David. Just to hopefully add some clarification on what can sometimes be confusing with regard to the Orca3D Design Condition.

There can be one and only one Design Condition. You define and/or modify it via the OrcaDefineDesignSimulation command (or via the Orca menu as David mentioned), and it includes the condition definition (weight/CG OR flotation plane definition) AND the geometry that the condition is associated with via selection AND any other options like the mirror flag. It was originally developed as a way to pre-define a condition so that you could quickly run a hydrostatics analysis without having to define the condition every time. It is also the condition used if you turn on real-time hydrostatics while editing control points. Later it became used for other things like Holtrop and Savitsky analysis. In the long term development it will be replaced with a list of pre-defined conditions you can choose from, but we aren’t quite there yet.

​The confusing part is in that Holtrop dropdown it can look like there are multiple Design Conditions defined. But those are just the names of the hydrostatics conditions which have been run (which could happen to have the name Design Condition in it). What I plan to do in the very short term is change the dropdown to indicate which really is the Design Condition and what is just the name. The reason there are 3 items in the dropdown is because we also save/include the most recently run hydrostatics analysis, which could have been a run of the Design Condition, or could have been a totally different input to the Hydrostatics command dialog. Hopefully the change to the UI to indicate what is what in that dropdown will make it a bit more clear.

So the only way to really remove a design condition, which is the one and only design condition, is to remove the plug-in data. But there should never be more than one design condition.

​Hopefully this clarifies a bit.

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