Orange Wires without Explanation

I was following a tutorial for a script and for some reason these two wires turned orange without any error warning, and there are no errors throughout the rest of the script. Both components are enabled and there are no issues with the inputs. I’m not sure what to do to make it run correctly.

in order to actually understand what’s going on, a screenshot is almost never enough
I’d suggest to upload your grasshopper file (even if it’s a very simple 4-components-only definition)

before uploading the file, take care of internalizing any geometry that is not generated completely inside the GH definition itself, then click “save” again and upload it :+1: (1.0 MB)
Ok, here is the full script. I’m using the kangaroo plug-in here.

In the uploaded file the mesh being fed into the Mesh Edges component is invalid - if that is so in your original, then that is the problem. Hover the mouse over the input label “Mesh” to see.

Alternatively, you haven’t internalised the input mesh before uploading, so we cannot see it, and Grasshopper cannot use it.

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