Optimizing a Shortest Walk Animation

That’s amazing Laurent thank you! I will have a go right away

See attached on how I would approach this animation part. Ive kept it all with OOTB nodes to help!

230222_Animated Coral Growth_V02 DendroAW.gh (88.1 KB)

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Alex thank you, for the time and effort, this is really great! I hope one day to be able to return the favour


My apologies, I only just saw your request for the script section that originates the SW, attached. It’s a mess :rofl: :sob:

230224_Animated Coral Growth_STUCK.gh (125.3 KB)

Thank you everyone, I thought I would share some progress - here I managed to sort all the walks by list length without loosing tree structure- is there an easier way to go about this? It was wayyy harder than I thought it would be!

I thought I’d share some progress, I managed almost at the cost of my sanity to achieve what I was aiming for, the satisfaction is huge it was a real challenge!

Thank you everyone for your help on this!