Opennurbs pre-builds for github action

I have a project that depends on opennurbs.
On my local machine, I pre-build it and do

#include xxx/opennurbs_public.h

So that my project can use all the opennurbs classes.

Now I’d like to setup up a github action to automatically build my project.
But as opennurbs was not included in package management system like vcpkg, it is hard to do automate the process.

Is there any clue?

There is an unmerged PR in the repo.
If that can be merged and checked, I can try to submit a PR to vcpkg to add ON to the list.

Unfortunately I don’t think that PR is active any more. McNeel has said they are working on their own CMake support but it’s been ongoing now for a couple of years…

Keep in mind that this IS the file format for Rhino. So it’s critical that we do this, and do this correctly.

We’ve already had discussions with Microsoft about vcpkg and openNURBS. We’re just not ready to participate at this time.

– Dale