Opening grasshopper script in safe mode?

I had a GH script crash out Rhino during computing. I thought this wouldn’t be a problem as I had saved both immediatley before starting the script. However, now when I try to open the GH script it kills the process and crashes immediately. How can I open up this file in some sort of safe mode (similar to the lock option in GH) so that I can delete the last problem part?


I haven’t seen a solution anywhere on the web (even the GH forums turned up nothing), but I did find a solution:

When opening grasshopper, given the little icons at the bottom of the last 10 or so scripts worked on, you can click down the middle button, choose the lock option, and reopen any of those scripts as a locked/safe mode. Then its easy to simply delete the problem areas.

Hopefully somewhere down the line this helps someone else…

Yup, you can also disable the solver from the Solution menu.

Hi David,
Is that possible after already having a large function running (where it looks like it might crash) ? Or is that only from the start-up screen as well?