OpenClip—A New Method for Importing Vectors

For the past couple decades, a number of Mac users have enjoyed the very excellent 2D CAD program, PowerCADD—a program which excels at turning CAD work into play. Recently, they’ve announced OpenClip—a method to import vector entities into 3D programs using a copy/paste method from any Mac program which integrates this plugin. Form-Z and Bonzai have integrated OpenClip and perhaps this feature is worth adding to MacRhino?

Not being a programmer, I can’t evaluate the merits of OpenClip (or if there are any downsides); but as a user, an effective copy/paste method for importing vectors would be a treat.


Thanks for the idea - this looks like it could be potentially useful, but it’s also very early. If this becomes a frequently requested feature, we’ll look into supporting it. We don’t plan to support this for the first release of Mac Rhino.