Open nest errors when curve is flatten? Thank you in advance!

I keep getting an error when i flatten the convex hull that is connected to the open nest however when I dont flatten it then open nest just stacks them on top of each other
open (14.9 KB)
. Is there a reason i am only getting the error when i flatten it? I have attached the file so you can see what i am talking about. Thank you in advance for the help!!
final chair.3dm (3.1 MB)

You’re referencing 3 invalid curves in your file and the output of the Convex Hull component contains 58 invalid curves:

You are referencing a lot of short duplicated line segments and you need to use a different method to include text labels with your nested parts.

I recommend watching all 3 of the OpenNest tutorial videos here: (less than 20 minutes total and very informative)

I culled the invalid, open, and short curves in your file and got most of the shapes to nest:

open (21.0 KB)

Not a complete solution, but it should get you started.


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Had a fresh try at this starting from the surfaces in your file above:

Manually positioned the labels. I’ve previously had success with the InscribeCircle component from the OpenNest plugin, but I couldn’t get it to work today. (572.5 KB)
All geometry internalized (no need for Rhino file).

  • Edit 01: (code updated)

    • Data management to remove duplicated code.
    • Changed method of placing labels to be more flexible.
    • Added underline to labels.
    • (567.9 KB) - all geometry internalized.
  • Edit 02: (code updated)

    • Figured out why InscribeCircle component was not working (scale was too small). Corrected by scaling up, using Inscribe Circle, and then using Inverse Transform to scale back down. Using this method now to determine optimum location for placement of labels.
    • (569.7 KB) - all geometry internalized.