Open Nest 1.5.1 vs 2.0.0 on MacOS - differences?

Hi Guys,

I’m away from my office/MacOS test machine so don’t have the ability to test this issue.

My development version of KaroroCAD is built on Rhino 7 and uses Open Nest 1.5.1 (latest available for R7 in the package manager)

I test in R8 on the same machine as I develop, and that R8 has updated to Open Nest 2.0.0 and runs FINE.

A customer has been testing my plugin on MacOS, and had no issues getting it running, then after an update all the text disappear from the viewport.

I just use Open Nest for the text component:

Image 309

So missing text is making for the Open Nest being the issue.

The customers MacOS machine has updated to Open Nest V2.0.0 and refuses to down grade to V1.5.1

Is there a known issue with the Open Nest Text Component in V2.0.0 on MacOS?



OK - checking my R8 install shows that is load BOTH V1.5.1 and V2.0.0:

It is very likely my client doesn’t now have a compatible version on there machine.



If that person is using rhino8 then you need to have latest release. Opennest2 for mac and windows was built last weekend.

Hi Petras,

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately this change breaks my Rhino plugin - I currently use your very handy Engraving Text component 15 times in my main app:

And I develop in R7/Windows but also need to remain compatible with R8 on both Windows and MacOS on the same dependency chain.

Its fine tho, I’m pretty sure I can replace this component with some python code and remove OpenNest from my dependency list.



OK - it was more like 30x usage over each my 3 different applications, but I have managed to replace OpenNest completely as a dependency for KaroroCAD.