One of the lists is removing curves causing loft to fail

Hi, I’ve been creating this roof design which intianlly worked fine (shown in the two images below), but I made some changes to the column postions on the floors above and need to update this ceiling design again with these new conditions. I’ve identified the problem, but I’m unsure exactly how to fix the issue.

I’m using a plugin called (flexibility) to achieve the offset curve as it was the only way I could create a bend effect in the final result. However, the script seems to remove some curves which is causing the loft compotent to fail, it lists 2190 curves when there should be 2193.

The bend effect across all of the louvres

Custom Flexility component which lists 2190 curves

Standard componets which lists 2193 curves

For the script to work for you make sure you have Flexbility and Pufferfish! Thanks!

GH Script: Lower_Levels_Roof_Design_Level_2_(Help).gh (311.4 KB)

If the flexibility plug in maintains the data structure you could try removing the 3 extra curves to loft on the other input so it matches the number

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The Flexibility offsetCurve+ outputs an empty branch when the input is a zero length curve.

Eliminate the zero length input curves. Or as @n.leguina suggests you could cull the other inputs that match these zero length curves.



Thank you for pointing out the issue and explaining the solution! I was confused since the OffsetCurve+ simutaniously removes the values and keeps the data, it’s very stange! It’s all working now!