OffsetCrv on Surface Command Echo's in command line from GH Command

(Matt Gaydon) #1

Could you have a look at making it so the ‘OffsetCrv on Surface’ Command in GH does not Echo in the Command line. I chatted to you about it at Shape to fabrication in London but it does not seem to have been changed in the latest SR release. I asked @DavidRutten on the GH forum and his response was
" It’s the Rhino SDK function that does it, for some reason it’s implemented as an abortable function"

Thanks Matt

(Matt Gaydon) #2

Seems this has fallen though the net, could it be added to the list to be fixed for SR10 Please.

(Brian James) #3

Thanks Matt for the reminder… I’m making sure it’s on the list. You can also email too with anything like this and we’ll make sure it gets filed.

(Brian James) #4

filed here:

(Matt Gaydon) #5

Thanks that’s a great help, good to know about the tech email too.