OffsetCrv on Surface Command Echo's in command line from GH Command

Could you have a look at making it so the ‘OffsetCrv on Surface’ Command in GH does not Echo in the Command line. I chatted to you about it at Shape to fabrication in London but it does not seem to have been changed in the latest SR release. I asked @DavidRutten on the GH forum and his response was
" It’s the Rhino SDK function that does it, for some reason it’s implemented as an abortable function"

Thanks Matt

Seems this has fallen though the net, could it be added to the list to be fixed for SR10 Please.

Thanks Matt for the reminder… I’m making sure it’s on the list. You can also email too with anything like this and we’ll make sure it gets filed.

filed here:

Thanks that’s a great help, good to know about the tech email too.