Offset x-1 Simple question

Maybe to simple… However. I have gotten quite far in my algoritmic design… If I should say so… :smiley: Well. I watch videos and I have the same problem all the time.
x^-1, x-1, X-1 for Offset Curve does not work. I watch it over and over again. Doing whats been done on video but well… I loose the offset.
This is realy pmo. Hope you guys can help me…

Welcome @thor1
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I have no idea what you are referring to here - videos on what? Is this Grasshopper, Python (in Rhino or Grasshopper), C# or what? Post some code or some more detailed information and someone might be able to help…

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Nope. Not in a script this one. Its an expression. image

OK, well if you had posted the image in your first post and specified the category as grasshopper it would have been much clearer. Moving the category to Grasshopper.

This should work - I’m assuming here that you want to subtract the value of 1 from the value of the slider:

If you are trying to do something else, please add more detail.

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I see. This is what I am doing already. x-1
Thats why I am asking. I see this works for others, not for me.

Thank you for your time anyways :slight_smile:

Please post the curve that is not working - internalize the data in the curve parameter and post a definition with just the curve parameter, the slider and the offset component connected.

Here’s help to get appropriate answers.