Offset Surface Problem

After offsetting operation of L shaped surface, I found some skewed region was made. This region makes some next operations failed. I’d like to know whether there is any effective way to remove this region or preventing the creation of this kind of shape.
Thank you in advance.

I found useful stuff about this kind off cross region in the following link.

Okay. I got it. I’d like to know how to check offset surface would have this problem with some numerical way? I mean there is rhino common API or Grasshopper components?

find (11.7 KB)

This is a draft, fast made, method to find the smallest curvature in a surface by analyzing its UV curves.
U and V curvature should be combined, i didn’t do that… and probably there are already better methods.
Edit: as david pointed out, this is wrong.

Is this somehow useful?
What you need to do?

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Surface curvature is distinct from curvature of UV curves. Simple example of a curved surface with straight (zero curvature) UV curves: CrvSrfStrUVDC01.3dm (263.6 KB)

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