Offset polysurface

Hello everyone,

I have a problem that in my mind should be easy to solve, yet I can’t find a solution.
I have a polysurface made out of triangles that I need to offset. Rhino is creating a crazy looking group of single surfaces when I do that.

One logical way of doing it would be to offset the corner points but I have no idea how to offset a points the right direction. The same applies to lines since I can’t offset more that 1 polyline at once.
Also, I need a specific distance between the new polysurface and the space frame it will be attached to.

Here are my construction lines with the polysurface I need to offset:

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Hi Lucy - could you please post the 3dm file?

Offsetting more than three surfaces which meet at a vertex (corner point) usually results in more than one vertex and several small surfaces between the multiple vertices. That is how the fundamental geometry works and cannot be changed by using a different method or algorithm to create the offset surfaces… (One exception is if the angles between the surfaces are all the same.) If the vertices are all offset an equal distance and new surfaces are created using the offset vertices then the new surfaces in general will not be parallel with the original surfaces.

How far do the surfaces need to be offset compared to the size of the triangles.

Could you clarify what you mean by offset?
For example do you want each face to end up with a new face parallel to it, where the perpendicular distance between old and new faces is the same for every pair?
Or something else?

Hello Jeremy, yes, that was my intension. I’ve found out it is possible with meshes (nurbs didn’t work, the new polysurface turned out strange) so my problem’s solved. Tahnk you!

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Hi, yes I understand the geometrical problem. That’s why I needed two versions of this object: one with vertexes placed at a certain height and one with new surfaces perfectly parallel to the old ones. I’m sorry, my question wasn’t precise enough and I had some typing errors.

Anyway, I’ve found a solution. For the first option by offsetting only my horizontal lines and drawing new surfaces, for the second one by turning my polysurface into mesh and the offsetting this mesh. Thanks!

I’ve found a solution, thank you!