Offset / hollow / FEA 3D print strategies / save material

I’m searching for information and knowledge on techniques for saving material in 3D prints and also maintaining strength etc.

I did some searches here, and didn’t find much. Please let me know what I’m missing.

Start looking for infill, lattice stuctures.
Especially Gyroid infill.
PrusaSlicer or Orca today have this function embedded into the slicer but you can achieve better control by modeling it directly.

Look also into Spherene
and General Lattice Frontier
and Crystallon available also on Food4Rhino
don’t forget Intralattice

all are amazing plugin for Rhino or Grasshopper.
The first two are professional tools so you have to buy it the other two are free thanks to the developers

a more general knowledge could it be to look for openVDB file format (implicit geometry definition) that could be used on both Rhino (via Dendro GH plugin) or Blender.
Then you can look at Intact Solution for Rhino that can let you do FEM analysis inside Rhino.

Have a nice study trip!

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That sounds awesome :sunglasses:

Thank you for those links, I’ll definitely be studying those today :slightly_smiling_face: :beers: