Offset Gradient


I am new to Grasshopper and was looking to do something similar to shapes.

How is it possible to do this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

not clear what is your real difficulties ? This is a multiple curve offset. You’ll find many examples on this forum. If you want robust offset use Clipper

Your certainly must read Grasshopper Primer.


it could be interesting to know where you get this image. Because there is some logic in there that you could replicate.
Points are grouped by 3, so they form triangles. A radius is put at each points, with a constrain on distance between the others points… Sot this could be put onto an automatic algorithm …


But the whole shapes are an extension of 3 circles of different radius. I am no expert but i was wondering, how can i achieve such result automatically in grasshopper if i provide the outline of the shape?

I looked a bit but there is a whole logic to implement, I must miss something it seems not direct to implement it.
The logic I understand
Draw shapes (triangles) that doesn’t touch each other
Then draw circles with fixed center and variable radius in order they touch each others. They can intersect them self if they are on the same shape

Offset inward all the circles

Make connection with the green circles

Then join the shapes and offset them (the easy part)

So my advice
Do it by hand 1, 10 times whatever, try to find the logic (the algorithm) and do it on Grasshopper. Without clear logic it will be difficult to make it.


feed a number series into curve offset