Offset curve error - C1 polycurve from simple Bezier curve

Offset produces a bad result for the simple single span degree 3 (Bezier) curve in the attached file. The result is a polycurve with discontinuous curvature (C1 continuity) between the two constituent curves. This occurs with offset curves on both sides of the input curve. The offset of a curve should have the same continuity as the input curve unless there is a kink due to the offset distance being too large. That is not the situation with this curve.

The offset distance varies from the specified 5 to 5.056 (Offset distance was measured as the distance from the input curve to the offset curve along a curve perpendicular to the input curve.) This is also an error.

This may be related to offset curve problem previously reported in Offset error Trim option RH-65627

Input curve in black. Offset curve in blue. OffsetBug2.3dm (1.7 MB)

Yep, looks like that is fixed in the latest.


Will the fix be in the next public SRC? I’m currently using Version 7 SR11
(7.11.21257.7001, 2021-09-14) which the most recent public SCR.

Hi David- the fix is in 7.12.