Offset Curve - Both side in Rhino 7 - Missing?

Hi, I just bought Rhino 7 and I realise that in GH is missing Both side offset and my model is base on this tool.

Is there some help how to fix it ?
I’m quite new in this community and in GH too thanks for understanding. :slight_smile:

I have (Rhino 7 - Mac version)

Rhino 7 GH

Rhino 6 GH

It is a plugin component so install Pufferfish

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Unfortunately not available for Mac version 7

@slavikvojtech Pufferfish should work fine for Mac Rhino 7. Is it not working?

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Aha is for Mac and Rhino 7 I see right now Maybe I missed this information.

Bud don’t get me wrong I would like to avoid plugins right now and found another way.

Thank you :slight_smile:

This normally works to get both sides:

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Yes, You are absolutely right It’s just pity that I have to reDo whole model :frowning:
Anyway Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for help here is my solution

Offset curve - both sides.ghcluster (4.0 KB)

Update :wink: Hope will be helpful for other :slight_smile:

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Lofting like that is gonna be pretty heavy with many curves, also if the curve is too curvy you could get weird overlaps. Better solution would be to flip one of the offset curve directions and then use connect curves component if you are looking for a kind of closed offset (but then you also need a special condition for closed curves either way).

Also, if your both sides are false then what are you lofting since results will likely be one curve?

Finally solution I hope. Yes how you said Using loft

Thanks :slight_smile: