Offset 3d polyline

When offsetting a 3d polyline the like explodes in to segments which overlap or are short of intersecting at the vertices. Is there a way to keep them joined and offset.

Hello- there really is no way to offset in 3d- the 3d offsest of a curve is a pipe. So you’ll need to decide what compromise you are willing to live with to combine the ‘exploded’ results ‘by hand’. A smooth 3d curve can be offset in a plane, but lines really cannot in most cases at least because the result will not intersect and some corner transition needs to be devised. If the result needs to be straight lines, you can maybe locate the mid point between the near-intersection points and set the end points of the segments there, but that is a pretty severe compromise.

3dPolylineOffset.3dm(65.4 KB)