Odd Occlusion Behavior

Hello grasshopper community,

I’m attempting to build a tag filtering system that can occlude tags that sit behind my object, for the sake of visual clarity.

My first step in this process is to creating a filtering system, but when i use the occlude component i’m getting unexpected behavior. As you can see in the picture points 4 and 5 are being occluded, despite them not sitting in between the target point and my obstacle. Is there something i’m missing here? files have internalized geometry, thanks in advance!

odd occlusion behavior.gh (34.8 KB)

Probably the Occlusion tests with infinite rays that don’t have a start/end

I would use IsoVist Ray for your purpose:

odd occlusion behavior_Re.gh (29.2 KB)

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Thanks for your help inno! The IsoVist Ray comp didn’t really give me the effect I was looking for, but I think you might be right about the infinite rays. I managed to find a workaround that simply filters out points associated with lines that cross through a brep. the approach should work the same with a mesh as well. Thanks!

intended occlusion behavior.gh (53.9 KB)

intended occlusion effect

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