Object attributes

Hi all !

I’m using object attributes to retrieve points on my current RhinoDoc. Here is the line I wrote to do it:

point1CAlign.Attributes.SetUserString(“pointDescription”, “RollomaticCAlign1_tooth_” + cAlignSelectedTooth.ToString() + “insert_” + (currentInsertNumber + 1).ToString());

My code is working as excpeted but there is one thing I’m not able to do. How can I see in point properties in Rhino the attributes I paste to it. Currently there is only the information that my point has attributes but not the string attribute.

Is someone could help me ? I hope I was clear on my explanations.


So you want to see your SetUserString in the properties -> object section?

Yes in the object description window.

Users strings attached to objects will not appear in the Object Description dialog. This is by design, as some developers and scripters might not want users seeing the data that is attached to objects.

With this said, why do you want to see user text in the Object Description dialog?

Idea is to give possibility to the user to know points attributes generated automatically by my plugin.

You are going to have to come up with your own command that displays a custom object description, which includes your user data.

OK Dale I see.
I’m going to write a few lines to do it.