NullReferenceException with MeshMeshFast

Hey @piac @stevebaer
Thanks for all the great work with meshes!

This morning we found out that the MeshMeshFast method seems to throw a null reference exception in the latest WIP. By reading the docs and what’s written here, we understand that it’s an old overload of the new MeshMesh method. However, we’ve got some tools running in both R6 and WIP that depend on MeshMeshFast. Any clue what’s going on and if we can do anything about it? Seems like MeshMeshAccurate still returns expected results, which we can use as a quick fix. I’ve attached GH definition + code snippet below that hopefully demonstrates the issue. Let me know if we can help in any way!


A = Rhino.Geometry.Intersect.Intersection.MeshMeshFast(m1, m2);

Definition (5.9 KB)


Hi @emilpoulsen, I must have done something wrong when upgrading that function this week, thanks for noticing. I’ve added: RH-55494.

Thanks @piac. Keep us posted

@emilpoulsen I am still working on this and got caught in a larger series of changes, so this might not make it for this Tuesday’s shipping: the fix will likely happen next week.

MeshMeshFast was a concept of an imprecise computation that we are abandoning for V7, because it would not give precise enough results. We are putting efforts into giving precise results as much as possible. That is why MeshMeshFast is going to be obsolete. That function and MeshMeshAccurate are kept, with this naming, for backward-compatibility. MeshMeshAccurate is not going to be obsoleted for now, because it allows to input a tolerance.

Thanks for the info @piac, good to know. We’ll aim to replace any usage of MeshMeshFast going forward then.

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@emilpoulsen This should be fixed in this week’s WIP, available since Tuesday.
Please let me know if you catch new problems :slight_smile: