Not being able to make a roof flowing a geometry onto a surface


Hello guys, I am an unexperienced grasshopper user and I am having issues to pannel a roof based on a brep interaction with a surface. I am not being able to make it uniform flowing along the surface (it is distorced). I tried 2 methods, but none seems to deliver it.

If anyone could help me with this it would be awesome. Thanks! (25.8 KB)


Another duplicate thread?

I don’t know about anyone else but I try now to avoid responding at all when this happens. It is an ineffective strategy that pollutes the forum and needs to be discouraged.


you never answered it so you have already avoided.


Take a look at the attachment… (27.3 KB)


In case if you want to make roof tiles overlapped one another… (30.7 KB)


Thanks man, appreciate it!


I used your V2 method, but in one surface this happened and I have no idea why. (36.2 KB)


It would always be a good habit to check U & V directions of your target surface for preventing that sort of situations…
If you have lunchbox plugin or WombatGH installed, then there are “Revsrf” or “SrfDirection” component that let you swap U&V directions of your target surface. (27.4 KB)