Nose cone frustration

Hello all.

I need help creating a cone in this canoe outrigger I am going to machine. Id like it to flow smoothly to the tip. I’ve tried many commands with poor results and will take any suggestions at this point. I have also attached the file. AMA needs nose cone.3dm (217.1 KB)

AMA needs nose cone.3dm (448.0 KB) does this look like what your after? — Mark

Hello - the way the curves are set up, it is hard to tell what the intention is - is this the bit you are asking about?


If so, that curve sitting out there describing the shape needs attention -you need to decide what level of continuity you’d like to keep with the surfaces - as it, there is position at best - not sure what is meant to happen at the bottom - the two surfaces overlap there… I recommend having a good long look at the level 2 training material, especially the bit about curve and surface continuity.


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