Normal to Plane (solved)

I have this outline from a sliced 3D surface I need to offset. The offset comes out in little pieces so I think it is because I am not normal to the plane of this outline.

How can I view normal to this random plane that is perp to one of the 3D objects?

Try the Cplane command and choose by object, then use Plan to look directly at it if necessary.

Hi Tamarah- if the input curve is planar, the offsetter should automatically find the correct plane- but see the command line, there is a setting to force offsetting in the Cplane, which would mess things up. Feel free to post an example, we’ll take a look.


That actually solves my issue. I was not sure if it automatically finds the correct plane.

Thank you so much! Sorry for such a noob question.

We are here for noobs…