NonmanifoldMerge revert?

Hi All,

Is there a way to “unmerge” the Polysurfaces joined by NonmanifoldMerge without exploding them into individual pieces? Kind of like SplitDisjointMesh but for Breps ?
I have a heavy model that has been merged like that and ideally would just get separate pieces, but not every single individual surfaces… Hope its possible.



Hi Jarek - CreateRegions may be it - not sure how your objects are arranged - this will only separate closed volumes.

hi Pascal,

Thanks, didn’t know that one - unfortunately it deletes any non-closed volumes, and what I am dealing with is a mix of surfaces and solids : /

First time I see such complex model merged like that, must have been imported from some other software, but exploding it will be a pain…


Yep, that is the problem. It can probably be tuned up but not today… but again, depending on the arrangement, preselect, Explode, Join may do it too.


Yes, that should do it - in theory - except this will result in millions of individual surfaces. I may as well go for a weekend trip before it joins back :wink: Thanks, exploding it now…

If this could be tuned up / added feature for future, it could come handy.


@chuck - it seems like maybe CreateRegions could be made to optionally leave the fins in place, maybe?


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Yes, that should be possible but maybe not easy.