'NoneType' object has no attribute 'Branches'

Please help me fix this problem with my Grasshopper python script editor.
I got this error (Error: Runtime error (MissingMemberException): ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘Branches’

line 6, in the script) when am trying to run this script.

Al baher Towers - Grasshopper & Python tutoria.gh (20.2 KB)
import Rhino.Geometry as rg

z1 = zip(central_pts.Branches , corners_pts.Branches)
for i in z1:

print type(i[0][0])
list1 = []
for x in i[1]:

Does this error occur when one of central_pts and corners_pts has no input?

What do you want your script to do when central_pts or corners_pts has no input?

You can try setting the typehints on the component inputs to DataTree. But it would be best if your code tested if central_pts and corner_pts have .Branches attributes before referring to them (as Data Trees do).

If you want to iterate a DataTree input, you’ll need to right-click on the input and select Tree Access (as indicated above by @James_Parrott).

After I set your inputs to Tree Access and connected them, I added lines 6 and 14 to your code and it seems to work as expected.

Al baher Towers - Grasshopper & Python tutoria_221120a.gh (22.4 KB)

As @James_Parrott pointed out, if you want your code to be more robust you should add some error checks (what to do if input is missing or wrong type).

Edit: fixed typo



Thanks, a lot Kevin for helping me out!

Ok, Thanks.

I so much appreciate your response but am still having issues with the other extended GhPython Script, the GhPython Script is not connecting with the other two GhPython Scripts, I try to highlight them but they not highlighting.

But this is how they should look from the tutorial that I was giving.

Pls help me correct the GhPython Script, thanks.
The attach file is below.
Al baher Towers - Grasshopper & Python tutoria_221120a.gh (24.7 KB)

Your line1 and line2 outputs are both empty.

The variable names in your script (lines1 and lines2) do not match the names of the output parameters (line1 and line2). You will need to rename them in one place or the other.


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Thanks sir

I so much appreciate your effort.
But I don’t know if you can also help me with this one, I haven’t gotten any reply from the post.

When I click the link you posted, this is what I get:


As Kevin noted, that is a private thread.

I am very sorry for that.
this is the problem I’m having,
Component (Expression) error (Exoskeleton tower)
I have an error with one of the components in my script.
I’d try to design an Exoskeleton tower with Grasshopper but keep getting this error

This is the Tower file.
Exoskeleton Tower 2.gh (9.9 KB)
Exoskeleton Tower.gh (16.2 KB)
Both files have the same issue,
Pls, help me correct it.

Thank you very much for your notification, Wim

I just reply Kevin you can also help me go through it too,

This is a known bug of the “Draw Full Names” mode. Chang the name of the input parameter from "Variable x" to "x" and it will work as expected.


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Thank you so much,
you have been so helpful to me.

Pls, can I ask one more question?

I need to add the ArchiCad component to the script so that I can connect with Graphisoft ArchiCAD and continue with the remaining necessary things.
But the issue I’m having now is I’m unable to attach the ArchiCad slab component to it, the only component that I can attach is the Morph Solid and it works with it. But I need to connect it to the proper component, like the ArchiCad slab component to the Floor slab Modeling not Morph Solid and the wall component to the Elevator Modeling not Morph Solid. Those components I circle are the component I want to replace with the proper component.

Pls help me with this one too so that I can know to connect my Rhino+Grasshopper design with the Graphisoft ArchiCAD connection, I really need this if it is going to be the last, Thanks.

Sorry this is the file below
Skeleton - Hangzhou Wangchao Center - Grasshopper & Python tutorial.gh (39.8 KB)

I don’t use ArchiCad or this plug-in so I can’t help with this.

The download page for the ArchiCad plug-in on Food4Rhino lists productsupport@graphisoft.com as a support email perhaps they can help you.

Do the component error messages give you any useful information?


Thanks for your assistance it has really helped me improve.
You are a life changer
I also need help from you with this one.
I want to create a column and beams for this tower, and this is how it looks in Graphisoft ArchiCAD.

Find the attached file below
ArchiCAD and Grasshopper Design.gh (59.5 KB)
And I don’t know if it is possible to increase the ground floor height to 5000mm.
Making it two things you are going to solve for me;
(1) Columns and Beams
(2) The ground floor height
Or you can choose anyone you think you can do out of the two or if there is anyone you direct me to, you can please do that for me please, Thanks.