Non uniform FilletEdge

Hi! What would be the best approach to fillet these edges?

I’ve attached the file for more clarity.
fillet.3dm (11.9 MB)

You won’t be able to do this in Rhino. SW can handle it. If you want chord fillets it’s going to take a lot of time selecting surfaces.

Do you mean “impossible to do in Rhino” or “not as efficient as I’d like in Rhino”?

Impossible to fillet. You could however manually create the fillets by trimming and blending.

I would start over and make the fillets as one of the first steps
Make one pair of cells with fillets and then use array to make the rest of the hexagon cells

Here is an example array.3dm (345.8 KB)

Thanks everyone, it seems the best approach would be to do the fillets before cutting the shapes. I was doing that way, I just wanted to see if it would be possible to do it after the design was done.